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March 31st 2008

Is There a "Shtetl Mentality?"

What's this?

A left-wing Jewish publication more than a century old asks why so many Jews are anti-gun, and does a good, fair job of answering the question?

Has anybody checked the temperature in Hades lately?

In his latest article for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, L. Neil Smith, award-winning novelist and political columnist examines an astonishing Eric King article in The Forward, a news magazine that Leon Trotsky once wrote for, which tries to make sense, in light of the historic persecution of Jews over the centuries and throughout the world, of the "typical" Jewish attitude toward guns.

Typical here in America, that is. It's a completely different story in Israel, of course, where what American liberals mistakenly call "assault weapons" are more correctly labeled "Jewish Defense Rifles".

What historic circumstances and events have shaped the attitudes we're burdened with today? See "A Few More Opened Eyes" for some answers.

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- The Liberty Crew

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