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April 15th 2008

$4000.00 of Training and Firearms for $1199.00

Dear JPFO Member:

I want to alert you to a very special opportunity that has been offered to JPFO Members by a long standing patriot of the Second Amendment and benefactor of JPFO.

Dr. Piazza is great friend of JPFO and our cause. He was the largest donor and as such instrumental in assisting JPFO in producing our award winning documentary Innocents Betrayed and he is now offering you an amazing gun, gear, and course opportunity that is normally reserved just for his students, but because of his personal relationship with JPFO, he is allowing you to participate as well.

Yes it is true and I want you to take advantage of it before the offer is sold out. JPFO will receive financial support when you sign up.

Go to to enroll today. You can take the course at any time in the future and take delivery of your gun and gear immediately. Enroll today. You will be very glad you did. The training is absolutely superb and you should never turn down a gun when someone is giving it to you!

Late addition note ........... we have been informed that costs are skyrocketing and so Front Sight has no choice but to end this offer soon.  Go to the offer link above or, call 800-987-7719. Ask for Dr. Ignatius Piazza in person and mention JPFO.


Aaron Zelman

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