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April 16th 2008

Bow Down to the Corporate State

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

We mean the obscene gas prices, the seemingly deliberate wreckage of the American dollar and of America itself, from the inside, at the hands of politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate leaders.

Five hundred years ago, people who lived on the central plateau of Mexico believed that to keep the Sun burning in the sky they had to murder as many people as they could in as gory a manner as possible.

We've seen estimates that a single holiday weekend might see as many as 30,000 victims climb the steps of the great pyramid to have their hearts cut out with obsidian knives and their blood sluiced down stone channels built for that very purpose on either side of the great stairway. The priests who did the cutting would sometimes dance around ceremoniously wearing the skins they'd flayed off of their victims

What does this have to do with Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership? Award-winning author and columnist L. Neil Smith believes something like these practices might be coming to you soon, in the form of an "Hydraulic Despotism" based not on water, as ancient regimes in Mexico, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Mesopotamia, Peru, and China were, but the black gooey stuff that makes America's wheels go around.

Americans are already making plenty of sacrifices just to keep their tanks filled, while oil companies rake in the highest profits in history. What's next, bowing down to the pyramid of the two-headed Boot On Your Neck Party and the demons of Big Oil, or taking back our country from those who already think they own us?

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~The Liberty Crew

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