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May 1st 2008

Lethal Logic

If gun control kills, doesn't that mean that gun-controllers are killers?

That's the legal and moral question that award-winning novelist and columnist L. Neil Smith explores in his latest essay for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, "Michael Bloomberg, Serial Killer".

All too often we're happy just to have some gun law sunsetted, repealed, stricken down, overturned, nullified, or otherwise disposed of. We want to break out the champagne and celebrate, but maybe we really shouldn't. What did it cost the other side? Won't they just be back, almost before you know it, pushing some new victim disarmament scheme?

Of course they will -- they always have.

But if it's true that gun control kills (which is why we call it victim disarmament, after all) shouldn't somebody stop the killers before they kill again? If we decide we should, what do we do about it?

The next step, once you recognize your enemy, is to know what your enemy is. Take a look at the arrogant, patrician face of of Michael Bloomberg (see the link to his photo in the article) and ask yourself, is this a man who cares how many deaths his politically fashionable policies cause? Or does he only worry that his limousine will be on time, its minifridge stocked with his favorite caviar, and that the peasants will grovel properly as he makes his aristocratic way past them?

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