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August 27th 2008

How the Government frames gun owners


We invite you to download and read the Motion to overturn David Olofson's fraudulent conviction.-- and the appendix -- It is an eye opener. You are also encouraged to listen to the expert witness' comments about the sham trial,-- Talk America, January 10th 2008 interview.

On July 28th we suggested an exercise to keep yourself out of prison. It is not to late for you to take preventative measures so the government can't frame you.

We strongly suggest you do it today and support the making of the JPFO film, "2A today for the USA" - - so there will be no more Olofsons, the BATFE can be abolished, and you will be free to fully enjoy your 2A rights once again.

Contribute to help JPFO and support the film.


The Liberty Crew

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