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March 22nd 2010

Gov. Tim Pawlenty remains silent On U.N. "Gun Control"
shill in his State Government



We at JPFO have yet to hear any response to our open letter to Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty regarding University of Minnesota teacher (and U.N. anti-gun shill) Barbara Frey. Please review that open letter right now.

We would like all our members to once again send the letter, with a personal comment, to Gov. Pawlenty regarding this urgent matter. The Governor claims to be a supporter of the Second Amendment, but so far he is certainly not demonstrating that assertion. Is he just another lip service politician who, in the long run, will do us more harm than good?

Instructions on how to forward the open letter in PDF form about this insidious and anti-American woman in our midst, are at the top of the site copy open letter we have linked to.

JPFO continues to give you "Freedom Tools" and "Intellectual Ammunition", but you must use them! We absolutely must raise the volume on this crucial issue if we are to keep 2A alive.



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