March 31st, 2011

"Intellectual Ammunition" Reminder


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For 21 years JPFO has been providing "intellectual ammunition" to the battle to preserve an armed citizenry in America. Three of the most potent "rounds" that have been created are the films "2A Today for the U.S.A.", "No Guns for Negroes", and "No Guns for Jews".

The unique aspect of these JPFO productions was that we WANTED you to "bootleg" them!  When you get a copy of any of these hard hitting freedom films on DVD you are given permission to burn and circulate as many copies as you possibly can.

Think of it, your copy of one of these terrific pro-gun liberty tools can go out into our society in a hundred or more directions, as each copy you make can spawn several (or a dozen) more copies.

JPFO has recently combined these three latest production on one DVD. It is called the "Triple Play".

If you, or a friend or family member, watch all three of these films you will have a powerful and factual education in the history of the Second Amendment and a penetrating insight into the strategies of those elitists and authoritarians who would like to see you completely disarmed. You will also see that the solution, the key to the destruction of "gun control", is embedded in the simple fact that when enough people understand the truth about the evils of "gun control", it will be abolished.

Please help support JPFO in our ongoing efforts on behalf of your freedom.

Please buy a copy of "Triple Play" today. Duplicate it and give a copy to your middle school or high school child to take to school and give to his history teacher. Give it to your rabbi or pastor or priest. Make sure the mayor of your town or city has a copy.

Decades ago, JPFO's Founder, Aaron Zelman realized that the fight against "gun control" would only succeed as a grass roots endeavor. We must educate millions of our fellow Americans to the truth about our unalienable right to self defense ... even, if need be, from a tyrannical government if that tragic situation ever arises. Again, please support JPFO. Get your "Triple Play" DVD today.

And, as always, if you are presently a member or contributor, thank you!


The JPFO Liberty Crew
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"



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