April 5th, 2011

How to Answer The Magazine Ban Pushers


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Staunch pro-gun writer Alan Korwin has come up with a very handy and effective "talking points" list.

If confronted by the hysteria driven rhetoric of magazine bans, especially based upon the Arizona lunacy of Jared Loughner, we highly recommend you have Alan's rebuttals close at hand. For instance:

"People who want to restrict magazines are on a roll, using the Tucson assassinations for momentum. They want any kind of gun bans they can get, regardless of crime fighting, public safety, logic or reason. They are emotionally compromised."

"Attacking the right to an uninfringed magazine because of one assassin is a political game, not a meaningful solution to homicidal rampages."

"The proper response to the recognition that people can go berserk and cause mayhem is to foster a culture of marksmanship." ... Read more

Please print out this article and pass it around to gun shops, shooting ranges, and at gun shows. We all need to wield pointed and effective responses to the gun grabbers' hysterical blathering and phony hand wringing. If we remain silent they will win.


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