May 4th , 2011

Proof of the Pudding Time for NRA


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The NRA must now get up and really, seriously, bare its fangs. It's payback time for all those Congressmen and Senators the NRA helped get elected. It's time for an independent prosecutor to take a long, hard look at "The Gang", the BATFE.

BATFE's Project "Gunwalker" is a horrific fiasco. Reporter David Codrea and "Three Percenter" Mike Vanderboegh researched and broke the story that might bring the BATFE down in the steaming heap it deserves.

Read David Codrea's pointed letter to Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, then, if you're an NRA member, make a call to Mr. La Pierre's office to back up Codrea's letter. It's time to fish or cut bait at NRA. This one really counts. And the NRA has the clout to do it.

Don't complain to JPFO that we're "picking on" the NRA, and being "divisive". It's time for the NRA to perform ... big time.

If you have any problems reaching the main link above - the article is archived here on JPFO.



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