February 28th 2012

Words have meanings that can
have life and death implications

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Moses did not murder
the Cruel Egyptian

Many devoutly religious people attended synagogue or church from an early age. Young and impressionable, when an older person tells us something with fervent conviction, and on top of that it comes from the Bible, most children take it seriously. All in all, this is certainly not a bad thing. Civilization itself depends on morality being passed along clearly from generation to generation.

The first set of "rules of behavior" learned by many Jewish and Christian children are the Ten Commandments. Many of us did not know (and still do not know) that one of the key Commandments, the Sixth Commandment has been mistranslated, and inculcated into our belief systems, for centuries, and to generation after generation. Read Rabbi Bendory's detailed commentary on this critical error.

Many of us, when the red lights start flashing, will revert to our longest and most deeply held religious beliefs. Most religious people want to do right in G-d's eyes. Even when our lives (or someone else's) are in mortal danger.

The Sixth Commandment: "Thou shalt not kill?" Wrong! Go here and learn the truth


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