March 14th 2012

The Gang Movie Monthly Special.

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JPFO is offering this outstanding film as a monthly special offer. From the original price of $29.95 we are now offering one copy at the reduced price of $18.00 postpaid (includes a bumper sticker), and two copies for just $24.50 postpaid (includes free copy of "BATFE Fails the Test" and a bumper sticker.) Go to the JPFO Store to secure your copy/copies. There are still discounts for quantity purchases.

This deep digging documentary movie was released in 2007 and runs 85 minutes. It contains material that many would find hard to believe, as it exposes the abuses and inconsistencies of the out-of-control agency BATFE. Perhaps even more relevant in these days of "Fast and Furious"!

David Olofson speaks on Blogtalkradio.

This fairly recent broadcast is, though long, an effective synopsis of this sad case of perverted "justice". It also features Larry Pratt of GOA and Kelly Kernicki, the guy who had borrowed David's rifle. If you are new to the case, listen to the tale of a travesty, and even if you were familiar previously, also take a listen to hear the whole story. It is available on our Talkin' to America audio files page, where there is also a link to the Olofson Case index page.


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Close out!! - JPFO has a small number of its old cap design available - made from 100% cotton and with a screen printed white logo. Buy one of these and get a "Gun Control is NOT Kosher" bumper sticker as well - $8 post paid. Go to the JPFO Store for this great closeout offer.


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