March 27th 2012

Two new CCW posters.

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We have added two new handbill posters which display a welcome message for legal CCW people. One is based on a design from Buckeye Firearms and the other on an example put out by Wisconsin Gun Owners.

These have been added to a new page we have started which concentrates on signage type material, to which we can hopefully add more over time. They are also within our popular handbills page. Each expanded image contains a caption with links to larger versions for printing. Print out copies for yourself and pass them around.

(NOTE: 3/29/12, we have added one more poster "Criminals in Danger Zone", with thanks to for the new material.)


The JPFO Liberty Crew
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"


Close out!! - JPFO has a small number of its old cap design available - made from 100% cotton and with a screen printed white logo. Buy one of these and get a "Gun Control is NOT Kosher" bumper sticker as well - now just $6 post paid. Go to the JPFO Store for this great closeout offer.


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