March 28th 2012

JPFO offers books from Bloomfield Press.

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JPFO is pleased to announce that it is now offering some excellent books from Alan Korwin's Bloomfield Press publications. These are described in some detail on this JPFO page, and are all available from the JPFO store on the Bloomfield Press Page. Every book copy comes with a free lapel pin, as shown here on the left.

Alan Korwin has been acting in recent months as an invaluable adviser and we have been very grateful for all his input.


The JPFO Liberty Crew
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"


Close out!! - JPFO has a small number of its old cap design available - made from 100% cotton and with a screen printed white logo. Buy one of these and get a "Gun Control is NOT Kosher" bumper sticker as well - now just $6 post paid. Go to the JPFO Store for this great closeout offer.


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