May 9th 2012

New Report: Why Jews Hate Guns

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An Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, working with a gun-law expert, has released a White Paper that claims to have identified the underlying causes for well-known Jewish hatred of guns and gun owners in America.

WorldNetDaily, in an exclusive, has released the paper prepared by Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, a 20-year-old civil-rights group: read the White Paper here.

"It's no secret that one of the largest blocs of people pressing for so-called gun control in America is the Jewish community," says orthodox Rabbi Dovid Bendory, the Rabbinic Director of JPFO. "This confounds many observers," he says, who would expect Jews, given their troubled history, to cling tenaciously to personal firearms and the right to self defense.

"The most vigorous anti-gun-rights leaders in Congress are Jewish," notes the report's co-author, Bloomfield Press publisher and gun-law expert Alan Korwin, naming Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Barney Frank, Frank Lautenberg and Carl Levin, among others. "Why so many elected Jewish leaders are enemies of the very thing that helps keep us all safe was a mystery begging to be solved."

Although this highly charged subject is rarely discussed publicly, it is on the front burner for a controversial organization like JPFO, which bills itself as "America's most aggressive defender of gun rights," and is open to membership from all faiths. JPFO was responsible for the ground-breaking expose "No Guns For Negroes," documenting the systematic racist roots of gun control from the Civil War to modern times.

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