June 2nd 2012

JPFO offers three new specials

"Boston's Gun Bible", Shooters Crossword Puzzle Book,
and "Talkin' to America (Billof Rights or Bust)" video

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Great Father's Day Specials: Remember your Dad this month - order by June 11 to receive in time.

JPFO is pleased to offer three specials - the first being "Boston's Gun Bible". From a review - "This book stands alone as the very best all-around reference for firearms owners. Not only does it cover practical rifles, pistols, and shotguns in detail, but it has a wealth of valuable information on related subjects such as optics, practical carry, training, legal issues, and legislative issues. Boston's observations and conclusions about guns are precisely researched, scientific, and relatively dispassionate." Note - we have just 8 of these left (once sold, no back orders). These are new in shrink wrap - $20.00 ppd. Orders only via order line - 800-869-1884 office hours Central.

Our second item on special is the "Shooter's Crossword Puzzle and Word Search book""It is designed for the firearms enthusiast and uses terms and names relating to firearms, their use, and their development in a wide array of comprehensive entries. Each crossword puzzle has correlated word search included to help solve it. It is sure to provide fun, education and challenge. " This is just $15.00 (usual $21.99) ppd, and we have 10 of these in stock, back orders are possible. Again, this special can be ordered only via our order line - 800-869-1884 office hours Central

And finally - a 2 copy video special! - "Talkin' To America (Bill of Rights or Bust)" - two copies just $24.95 inclusive and ppd for 2 DVD or VHS. If you only want one it is just $15.00 ppd, single copy price - was $19.95. You can go to the JPFO Store to make a purchase for this special. "This made-for-TV educational film brings the Bill of Rights to life with live interviews, patriotic and meaningful visuals, and accurate descriptions of every right. The DVD contains special features, including penetrating questions to stimulate lively discussion, and a spotlight on government agencies that may be violating the Bill of Rights every day. Watch ''Bill of Rights or Bust'' and help bring America back to America! "

(Old style caps now sold out!!)


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