August 7th 2012


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We would like to share with you an article by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, who gives his thoughts following the Colorado Theater massacre -- even more apposite now since the Sikh Temple shooting atrocity two days ago.

Much centers around the familiar logic promoted by most responsible gun owners and so in a sense his words, and those of most of us, might be regarded as simply "preaching to the choir". However, the attempt to rationalize and explain can never be repeated too often, as we continue to hope that those who would see us disarmed can stop and ponder the common sense -- most of course all too often exhibiting the predictable deaf ears and blind eyes -- they do not wish to change their skewed views.

We would also like to include a mention of a new sound file available on our Talkin' to America page, (also currently on the JPFO homepage upper right column). Our interim Communications Manager Adam Taxin, interviews JPFO's Executive Director Charles Heller about the August 5th Sikh Temple shooting in Wisconsin. Being not only an avid defender of the second amendment, Charles is also a qualified instructor for CCW training courses in AZ, and makes a number of perceptive suggestions as to how these events might be either prevented or, at least mitigated.

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