August 10th 2012

The failure of "gun control".

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Today's item should act as a salutary reminder of the absurd failure of "gun control", which is all the while an ever increasing threat in America. A video was recently posted describing and commenting on the Australian gun bans and the miserable 'benefits' towards fighting crime -- instead, all they achieved was depriving good people of their right to self defense, while almost certainly benefiting the criminal fraternity.

The Australian story is paralleled closely by the British gun bans which were another dismal failure. Perhaps one of the most relevant factors to be seen in both cases was the effectiveness of gun registration, by which means the authorities have their convenient list of owners with which to track down and confiscate the once legal firearms. The criminals of course get the free pass!

There are two videos to see, one being the Australian story and the other the British. Watch the videos, take note and do not sit idly in the "it can't happen here" camp. Be reminded of the "under the radar" comment made not so long ago regarding measures to "tighten up" on American guns, and do not let complacency take over as your rights are eroded by stealth.

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
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