August 24th 2012

Alerts preferences - Poll Results

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A big thank you to the many participants in these polls. With the results obtained it might be worth qualifying certain aspects where it may be necessary to still deviate from the majority vote choices. (The original poll page was here).

The font size choice was quite a close call but it appears the wish for larger wins out. Coupling this with the other poll result for wanting an entire article, it might be mentioned that resulting emails may seem very long, and so we will welcome any feedback to our email as time goes on, and may perhaps also poll again in future to see if we are on the right track.

The choice of having a whole article in an alert email was fairly decisive but it may be worth pointing out limitations that can apply with some items. Because some scripting functions only operate from the JPFO site server, it may be necessary sometimes to still feature a synopsis with a link to a site page. A good example would be that of a sound file player within Talkin' to America. Also, our handbills page can only operate fully on the JPFO site.

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