October 28th, 2012

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms



by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired.

Article source from Gulf1.com - 10/4/12.

GunnyEvery day, the primary news products offered in mainstream media consist mostly of lies and half-truths, mixed in with facts that fit nowhere. This because they don't match the rhetoric which news has become. Actually finding out what takes place in our Nation requires long hours of careful scrutiny. Knowing what takes place in the world requires all that and an ouija board, given the corruption, which defines our government "news" sources.

The most notable story I've read today was the take-over of a "quickie mart" by a mob of Detroit citizens, all of whom were Black. They entered the store, told the clerk they owned it, and when he protested, beat him severely.

When the police arrived, the mob disbursed. The police said they could do nothing about it, and left within two minutes. The mob then moved back in, and left again when the police came back, in a game of tag for all intents and purposes. The police had only this advice to the owner; "hire a security guard." Isn't this the same force, which has Special Weapons and Tactics Squads?

The left, democrats, socialists, outright communists, and progressives, have done their very best to foment racism as a tool of discord. Having been highly successful, they have substantially altered the tenor and tone in the U. S., from one in which most Americans thought we were slowly putting racism behind us, to one where racism is more rampant than at any time since I returned to the States in 1963.

Obviously, we can't expect any part of government to deal with this issue, and if it is not corrected, we will shortly have anarchy and possible violence. Most of us consider government as its "three estates." We think of the Congress as representing us, the executive branch as enforcing our laws, and our judiciary as meting out justice with an even hand.

None of these things is currently taking place within the law, and we have never been further from "the rule of law," since our founders rose in rebellion. We don't normally consider turning to "The People," because we long ago gave our consent to be governed. We rightfully expect our governance to be according to the rule of law, our constitution and our National Creed, the Declaration of Independence.

When government won't do its job, we have a moral obligation to look at its intransigence and realize that we can't trust those who will not follow their oaths. Our only moral choice is to withdraw our consent to be governed; openly and unequivocally, just as our forefathers did, and form up our ranks of individual citizens to take back our Nation, and thus take those criminals into custody.

GunnyWhen a mob acts as they have in the past six months in Detroit and other cities, protection no longer falls only to the shop owner's right to "keep and bear arms." By our founding principles, it is not only the right of neighbors to stand shoulder to shoulder with him under arms; it is a Duty to do so.

Our government has gone to great lengths to vilify those who "take the law into their own hands." The fact remains that when government will not do its job, the power falls to the people, per the Tenth Amendment.

Certain policies of government over the last 40 years have been destructive of the family, especially in the Black Community. There is indeed a "domestic enemy" on which government should be focused; it is to be found among the inner city, where violence, largely Black on Black, primarily in gangs, is rampant.

It will be easy for some to call this "hate speech," because so few are ready to tell the truth, but facts are harsh things. An article from last years' "Baltimore Sun," details the race of most crime victims and perpetrators there, and those figures speak for themselves. Government has fostered crime via policy in ethnic communities, and then done little to effectively combat it.

Let us be crystal clear here -- the problem is NOT "Blacks," it is the government policies which have wrecked the Black Family structure, and disempowered individual citizens from achieving their potential.

If that were my Detroit store, or anywhere close to my home, the owner would get a call, and a visit. I'd offer to make arrangements for establishing an armed citizen watch, providing for the full defense of his store, and any others, by establishing our own phone links and "flying squads," just as I did in the Marine Corps.

The sole reason that our natural right to keep and bear arms was enumerated, was the certainty that they would some day be infringed. It was the only way to guarantee that they were "unalienable rights."

The purpose of the second amendment was to combat the certainty that people would always be in danger from others who were willing to kill them to take what was theirs. The founders further extrapolated, during the ratification process, that "All the terrible instruments of war are the Natural Birth Right of the American citizen," per Thomas Jefferson.

Hamilton, directed his remarks about the Second Amendment toward a government out of hand. George Washington stated that, "arms are second only to the Constitution for our independence, our people's liberty teeth."

The government is not doing its duty. No words can suggest otherwise. When we have taken great care to establish government via careful deliberation, giving all the powers it needs to accomplish what we have set as its duty, and it refuses to fulfill its duties, "We, The People" are criminally remiss if we fail to secure our Free State. The necessary and proper method of so doing is with our "liberty teeth," the armed citizenry. In doing so, we are equally remiss if after we have secured ourselves, we don't remove the parts of government, which failed, replacing them as per our Constitution.

The People can commit treason by omission, just as those in government can by failing to enforce the law of the land. Sovereignty does not merely provide authority, but includes responsibility as well. If we are not willing to be the law, we have no right to claim sovereignty.

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