December 16th 2012

JPFO New Handbill - The Paradox of Opposites


This new handbill image just placed on our handbills page, appears to be going around in a good many emails (we are unable to supply any accreditation at this time). It is of course self-explanatory and does once again help highlight the craziness of "Gun-free-zones", whereby establishments containing many potential victims are effectively defenseless against the potential for attack by a mentally deranged shooter. We can not only look back to the horrors of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora CO, but now also have the latest massacre Dec 14th at Newtown CT as prime tragic (and potentially controllable) examples.

Let's get something straight -- no amount of legislation can ever prevent bad people from committing bad deeds and no amount of "gun control" can ever prevent bad people from acquiring firearms. It must be accepted that in this current age defense is the answer and not deprivation of that means for the majority law abiding citizen, which should include suitably trained school staff members. When will people wake up to the fact?

Go to the JPFO handbills page to see the larger version (click on the thumbnail there) and the large expanded image should be printable to about 7" x 7".

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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