December 17th 2012

Post Sandy Hook thoughts


It goes without saying that we all horrified beyond belief at the events that occurred at the Sandy Hook School, Newtown CT on December 14th -- it is beyond comprehension. Predictably there is immediate outcry directed towards guns and "gun control", ignoring the fact that here was a mentally deranged individual who probably by any means possible would have secured firearms or other weapons to commit the attrocity, even had law abiding gun ownership been banned.

Imagine if even just one of the few ladies (Superintendent and others), initially killed so easily in their office at the beginning of the attack, had been armed and trained adequately in firearms usage. Just perhaps the whole travesty could have been stopped right there with minimal or even no loss of life, other than that of the shooter. At the very least, perhaps the lives of the 20 children might well have been spared.

There is naturally heavy discussion about this subject on the web and it is almost too much to share with you immediately but we will try and run a selection of articles over coming days to try and help counter the rabid anti-gun bleatings. For this alert, let us share just two comments which are in the category of "letter to the editor". They are both on the same page and can be found here.

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
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