December 17th 2012

JPFO Special: Granp'a Jack #1 -
"Gun Control Kills Kids".


As this week begins, with the Sandy Hook School shooting still uppermost on everyone's mind, we observe the continued clammering from the anti-gun lobby to make more laws, on the assumption that [even] more "gun control" will solve all and prevent such tragic happenings. Sadly, those of us with more common sense and appreciation of logic know different.

Now would seem very apposite to remind everyone of the JPFO booklets by "Gran'pa Jack" - a series in comic book format explaining much about the Bill of Rights, rights in general and, right now particularly appropriate "Gun Control Kills Kids", #1 in the series. The theme within the humble publication is concise but also very effective - "It destroys every major argument for "gun control". It educates kids so they will know how to support firearms ownership. It immunizes kids against anti-gun propaganda and it provides long-term insurance for your right to be armed"

We are immediately offering a special on this to encourage people to obtain copies and distribute them as widely as possible, in the hope that just perhaps some fence-sitters may reconsider their anti-gun paranoia and see the big picture. Just go to the JPFO store and place an order. The offer rates are as follows (post paid) -- $29.99 for 100 copies, ($8 discount), $17.99 for 50 copies and $12.99 for 25 copies.

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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