December 18th 2012

"Stop Guns with Guns", "Gun Control is evil misspelled"
and "Gun lobbyist ready to give up"


With the prodigious amount of commentary that has followed the Sandy Hook School massacre, we are bringing to your attention not one but three items, two written by Daniel Greenfield, a New York City writer and columnist. See below for our third addition.

Firstly we have "The Only Way to Stop a Gun is With a Gun" -- a simple application of what should be irrefutable logic -- "It takes a gun to stop a man with a gun". That of courses predicates a defensive firearm being instantly available and not only in the possession of a Law Enforcement Officer who is not available on the spot.
He then has also written since, "Gun Control is Evil Misspelled" -- "Gun control is the assertion that the problem is not the guns; it's the lack of a controlling authority for all those guns." That may be taken two ways but read the entire item to see that in context.

Read those articles, using the links above, and see if you do not find an immense amount of pure rational common sense. That is a characteristic that those wishing to disarm law abiding citizens do not take on board, relying instead on skewed logic and a wish simply to control, and rid the country of an armed citizenry.

A further important addition - we have to feed more than usual this week due to the shere volume of material we wish to share, thus this number of items. Read Alan Korwin's latest powerful article - "Gun lobbyist ready to give up". Please pass that and other items along as widely as possible. Alan Korwin is a JPFO advisor, author and runs

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