January 6th, 2012

"Power To the People" and,
"Gun Control, Thought Control and People Control"


Two articles by Daniel Greenfield, the first, -- "Power to the people", looks at rights, both single and collective concerning the Second Amendment, as well as taking an amusing and cynical look at cell phones! "The 2nd Amendment is a very different creature. The controllers would like to turn it into a group right. Replace the home rifle with an IOU for membership in the National Guard or a cell phone from Carlos Slim that will allow you to dial 911, unless the dam breaks or the earth quakes or the service goes."

The second article by Daniel Greenfield is -- "Gun Control, Thought Control and People Control", reviewing the freedoms and rights surrounding gun ownership relative to the left's agenda. "Liberal compassion is not the compassion of equals. It is a revolutionary pity that uses empathy only as fuel for outrage. It is the sort of compassion practiced by people who like to be angry and who like to pretend that their anger makes them better people."

Be sure to read both intriguing articles and share them.

Refer to the "Sandy Hook Index" for an archive collection of material we have shown since the tragic events at the Newtown Elementary School. Most is directly resulting from the event but also there are items simply clarifying various aspects of the "gun control" issue.

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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