March 7th, 2013

The Catastrophic Consequences
Of Gun Registration


What is generally assumed to enable effective gun confiscation? Registration. Only by knowing who has what and where, can confiscation be successful. The classic method to gain approval for registration of course is to trumpet loudly that it is the only way to ensure that guns do not fall into the wrong hands, and to safeguard against mass shootings etc.

David Kopel writes on this subject "Gun registration -- what Obama, Biden and Bloomberg euphemistically call "a national database" -- is also a perfect tool for the later confiscation of guns." He explores various aspects, including some of the history behind registration successes and ensuing confiscations. The fact that gun registration does not work for its touted purpose is obvious to those with half a brain, but the fact remains that its true, if hidden purpose, is the facilitation of confiscation.

Read this detailed article here.

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