March 11th, 2013

Sheriffs Speak Out, and,
"Never Again:
Protect the Second Amendment"


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The first video we want to share is a compilation of statements from various Sheriffs, who not only profess their strong support for the Second Amendment but, also their determination to not allow Federal gun law changes to be permitted in their counties. Click on the player image below to go watch.

The second video to watch is by Star Parker, of It is a short strong ad, showing the racist component of "gun control" -- a subject we have long covered within our award-winning film, "No Guns for Negroes". Click on the player image below to go watch.

Further to that - is this video where a group of prominent African Americans spoke at a CURE (The Center for Urban Renewal and Education) meeting February 22nd 2013.

Refer to the "Sandy Hook Index" for an archive collection of valuable material we have shown since the events at the Newtown Elementary School.

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