September 30th 2013

"Hide out": Furious military wife protests
DHS advice in case of active shooting

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Michelle Malkin takes another look at the D.C. Navy Yard massacre, with the main thrust concerning that and the Hasan shooting at Ford Hood a year ago, where the absurd maintenance of gun-free zones demonstrates the total weakness when it comes to defending against an active shooter.

Of particular relevance is a wonderful example of how the DHS suggests people act in critical situations. Among the 'advice' is the recommendation to 'hide out' and even "throw things' as well as yelling, and resorting to 'improvised weapons'!

All wonderful stuff, guaranteed to deter a determined shooter, NOT. Perhaps there is some 'improvised weapon' we have yet to be told about, that is truly effective against a firearm! Perhaps we should all be taught psychokinesis so we can 'will' bullets to go backwards!

Here is another exposé of 'gun-free' thinking -->

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Refer to the "Sandy Hook Index" for an archive collection of valuable material we have shown since the events at the Newtown Elementary School.

Thought for the day --
We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics. BUT ...
We are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

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