October 15th 2013

New Jersey's Sword of Damocles

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Michael Recce of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, inventor of a 'smart gun' technology, holding a prototype of the gun with grip recognition technology at a 2004 news conference.

A new, near unbelievable article, starts thus --"For years, they've ('smart guns') existed only in science fiction and the archives of the New Jersey Legislature: handguns that fire only in the grip of an authorized user." Whether technology really has made great strides or not, yet again we see another apparent resurgeance of the 'smart gun' dream.

Use of an RFID in a pistol controlled by a coded wristwatch, the application of grip recognition, or in fact any other system -- begs many questions just as always. JPFO has run several articles discussing the potential for failure of these 'smart guns'. Check these out - Smart Gun - Dumb Idea ••• Dead Batteries Make Dead People ••• Biometric 'Skyfall' gun neither new nor 'smart' ••• Are "Smart" Guns, a "Smart" Idea?

Within those articles and the mere application of some solid common sense, we ask the same questions. Anything electronic requires a power source - ergo a battery. Yes folks batteries run down and can fail, possibly converting the super-duper 'smart gun' to a door stop or simple blunt object. Anything involving an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can feasibly be degraded or even rendered inoperable by an external masking RF source. Grip recognition - hmmm, what if the hand in question is soiled with some material, or wears a glove, or has suffered injury (burn, laceration etc). You can dream up other factors beyond these with little effort but it all points to extreme vulnerability and possible failure.

Now then also - within the article's described proposal for New Jersey, it would appear Law Enforcement personnel would be exempt. Why? It could well be argued that a Police officer's weapon is even more prone to being stolen and used against the cop himself anyways? What also - another favorite question - happens if the owner of a 'smart gun' is injured while using one for self-defense and only another good guy nearby can save the day by using said weapon? No dice - it won't work!

So, review this entire detailed article and make up your own mind as to whether it even remotely sits well, let alone the threat factor apparent within the NJ legislature. We might also wonder about such things as cost - the chances are these 'techno-weapons' could well be out of reach of the average guy's pocket book, which in itself could be just another means of 'gun control'. (Click on the article's top image to view a larger and animated graphic) -->

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Thought for the day --
We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics. BUT ...
We are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

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