February 23rd 2014

25th Anniversary Special



This JPFO 25th Anniversary Special is a package comprising two of our famous books, and an anniversary t-shirt. What makes this particularly special is that the books will be personally signed by the original authors. "Out of the Gray Zone" will be signed by Claire Wolfe, and "the Mitzvah" signed by L.Neil Smith. Each book will also include a 25th Anniversary pen that was used for the signing.

There will only be 25 packages available, $72.00 incl S&H, so it's a case of first come first served, and, it is important when ordering that we know the name in each case so that a signing can be truly personalized. T-shirt size will also be required. This information must be entered in the store 'comments' section during check-out.
(NOTE: Only 7 remain currently)


Jeremy has a dream: To be the greatest lightmaker for the greatest west coast rock band, RebelFire.

But what can he do? He's just a kid. A kid trapped in a prison-like school. Trapped in a world where dreams are – treated – with drugs – and roving patrols make sure you take your dose.

Trapped in the Zone, where travel without a permit is impossible. Trapped under the all-controlling eye of spycams, sensors, and monitors.

Trapped by the chip in his wrist that regulates everything Jeremy can – or can't – do.

Trapped in a world where some far-off control freak can even decide what music you're allowed – or forbidden – to hear. Jeremy's only choice is to shut up and do as he's ordered.


When John Greenwood, a Catholic priest from Chicago -- and a liberal "child of the 60s" -- suddenly learns that he's a Jewish Holocaust orphan, he asks desperately, what does that make him? Is he Catholic or Jewish? American or German? Who's right, his pacifist mentors, or his newfound family, some of whom died fighting Hitler? Do his liberal beliefs encourage freedom or slavery? Is the real agenda of the United Nations to destroy the Bill of Rights?

John's mind spins as his struggle to find answers, for himself, his foster parents, his real family, and his long lost love, plays out against a background of real events in America and the world today.

And when John finally speaks out … the government responds.

Sadly, the majority of Jews in America do not embrace all of the Bill of Rights for all Americans. The Mitzvah was written in the hope of changing that. A "mitzvah" is a good deed or a blessing. Many will wonder if the story is fiction or fact, but they'll say The Mitzvah is a blessing in our time.


The special Anniversary T-shirt carries as it's main message on the back -- "Like the First Amendment? Defend the Second." Below the logo is "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership", "1989 * 25th Anniversary * 2014". The front has a smaller logo upper left.


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Now, available as close-out for just $12.95 incl S&H -- "Waco a New Revelation".
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We still have copies left of -- "Gun Control in the Third Reich",
the explosive new book by Stephen Halbrook.


Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
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