Pew Poll: Urban Officers
favor People's Right to Arms

By Dean Weingarten. January 16th, 2017

Pew Research has released a poll taken in the middle of 2016. Note that the Orlando night club massacre and the massive media hype calling for a ban on "assault weapons" occurred one third of the way through the survey period for police. The shooting of five police officers in Dallas, with a rifle occurred half way through the survey period.

The public survey was conducted two months after the Orlando Pulse shooting, at the height of the establishment media demonization of "assault weapons", and one month after the shooting of five officers in Dallas.

The poll is more correctly a poll of urban police officers than of all police officers. Rural and small town police officers were excluded from the poll. Those officers make up 37% of the officers in police and sheriff's departments in the country. Even the urban officers strongly favored the right to arms. From

Police officers are considerably more likely than the general public to say it is more important to protect the rights of Americans to own guns than it is to control gun ownership (74% of officers vs. 53% of the public). .......

While poll majority figures are in part encouraging, it is obvious that the minority still reflects the thinking that "the public should not be armed". Despite the majority support for the right to bear arms, they and a large share of public opinion support a federal database to track guns - not good. Overall, it is likely that if rural departments had been sampled, the support would have been greater - many small town cops realize the value of the armed citizen as being a logical approach.

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