CPRC: Most Mass Shootings
Occur Outside the U.S.

By Beth Baumann. January 31st, 2017

The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) has periodically conducted research on mass shootings to see where the United States falls in terms of these massacres. In a newly-released report, CPRC has concluded that:

• All but one of the 20 worst mass public shootings took place outside of the United States

• 45 of the 50 worst mass public shooting took place outside of the United States

Although the CPRC has fairly comprehensive data, it is still possible that smaller-scale attacks have occurred in Africa or Southern Asia where it is reported far less than the United States and Europe.

Our list of the worst mass public shootings collected cases where at least 15 were killed has been updated through January 15, 2017. Since 1970, all of the 20 worst mass public shootings occurred outside the US. Muslims also committed 18 of the worst 20 mass public shootings in the world. All 20 of the worst mass public shootings occurred outside the US, and that was also true for 40 of the worst 44. It is possible that we are still missing even some of these large mass public shootings prior to 2000, but any of the ones being missed are outside of the US, Canada, the Commonwealth countries, and Europe.

The top five worst mass shootings, in order, are as follows: .......

No mass shooting anywhere is other than a major tragedy - however, the way the U.S.A. always seems to get the blame for being the worst culprit is totally misplaced. Predictably, any time there is an occurrence the anti-freedom fraternity rushes to try and further their agenda - instance in recent times the Orlando nightclub event. Added to this is the bias invariably displayed by the media, which generally favors anti-gun promotion without reporting impartially and, neglecting the benefits of the legally armed citizen.

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