Utah's "Constitutional Carry"
Bill Is MAJORLY Screwed Up

By Bob Owens. February 13th, 2017

What if I told you that the Utah House is advancing a so-called "constitutional carry" bill that won't allow citizens to carry a loaded gun. You'd call that nuts, right?

Sadly, that's exactly what we're seeing with House Bill 112, which should be mocked as the "Israeli Constitutional Carry" bill, because it does not allow citizens to carry a firearm with a round in the chamber.

HB 112 would only allow individuals to carry a concealed firearm without a permit so long as a cartridge is not chambered or in the case of a revolver, two empty consecutive chambers in the cylinder. This bill would apply additional restrictions on the way an individual chooses to defend themselves.

Utah's current open carry statute is bizarre. It requires "two actions" to fire an open carried gun. For a semi-automatic pistol, that means you can have a loaded magazine, but must carry on an empty chamber so that you have to cycle it (action one) before you can pull the trigger (action two). For double-action revolvers, the requirement is even more bizarre. You have to have the hammer resting on an empty chamber (otherwise it is "loaded," even though that isn't the round that will be fired), and the next chamber has to be empty as well. You have to pull the trigger twice (two actions) and you're down two rounds.

House Bill 112 fails to rectify this absurdity of Utah-specific law ... .......

This is almost too incredible to believe, and falls only a bit short of mandating carry while having a trigger lock! It might be even, and being facetious -- that once the gun is drawn, to simply throw it at an assailant! Having to rack a semi when 'in extremis' could well be less than a smooth and fast enough operation - and as for having a revolver with two empty cylinders - well - 'click' 'click', followed by a remaining capacity of four (maybe only even three) rounds available to save your life. It sometimes gets ever harder to comprehend the minds of some legislators.

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