Media SKEWS Repeal of
Gun Ban To Fit Their Agenda

By Tony Oliva on Feb 17th, 2017

So I don't have to tell you that the mainstream media is full of it and that they will obfuscate, skew and mislead in order to further their agenda. An agenda that seems to go lock step with the likes of George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama.

What I will tell you is how it recently and disingenuously tried to mislead people into believing that Obama's Social Security Gun Ban was about the mentally ill and how it was actually a good thing to deprive millions of senior citizens their right to keep and bear arms.

You see, back in January of 2016, Obama once again used tragedy to further his own agenda. The Social Security Gun Ban was a flailing PR stunt following a terrorist shooting in which an ISIS Islamic militant shot up a gun-free community center in the gun-hating state of California.

Obama, never letting a tragedy get in the way of his agenda decided that exporting California's failed gun control policy to the rest of the country was a good idea. So what was this "great" idea to keep people from being shot to death by radical Islamic terrorists?

I'll tell you what it wasn't, it wasn't stopping illegal immigration, or unvetted refugees from terrorist countries.

No no, it was to empower regular, non-elected, non-qualified, everyday bureaucrats to summarily impose gun bans on law-abiding Americans when those Americans apply for benefits. .......

With all the talk about ''fake news'', it is still evident that much of the media will try about anything to manipulate "the news", and in this case distort the situation to try and promote "mentally ill" as a blanket term with regard to the "Social Security Gun Ban" repeal. The depths to which the media can stoop is beyond belief sometimes, either inflating scare stories or simply providing mis and disinformation. Sadly way too many gullible people accept their offerings without question as their rights are trampled.

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