The 'gun control' academic elites

What College Professors Say and What They Really Do

By Rob Morse. February 27th, 2017

Let me tell you about some extraordinary people I know. One of them wanted to pick up some courses on teaching methodology at a local college, but she got an unwanted education in political science instead.

You see, tolerance on campus stops when academics have to be tolerant. Diversity of opinion and alternative solutions aren’t allowed if they diverge from the professors’ cherished beliefs. Liberal professors don’t like guns, so other people shouldn’t be allowed to have them. Then, these same college administrators hide behind sovereign immunity when another disarmed visitor is robbed, raped, or murdered on their campus. The problem isn’t that licensed gun owners are unsafe on campus or that students with carry permits are irresponsible. The “gun-free zone” on campus is about school administrators who are drunk on power. This is how it happened.

Say a military veteran came home. She settled down near her family. At first she worked part time at a local church and at a local school. It was a rural school district and it felt like the right place to put down roots in civilian life. After a while, the school even asked her to join the school security team. That was an honor she hadn’t expected. She hadn’t known that rural schools had a security team to protect the students and staff.

These things take time. The Sheriff screened her. She passed her FBI background checks and had a clean record. She went on to renew her concealed carry license. She also took a special course on emergency trauma care and on confronting a murderer on school campus. She did well. To graduate from her course, her scores had to exceed the state police qualification standards.

Now, she carries in public and on campus where she works, but our story is only beginning. .......

Another look at the college campus "gun-free-zone" syndrome, whereby even someone generously qualified to be armed in that environment is denied the ability to defend herself. Although some colleges (a few) are 'waking up', there are far too many who steadfastly refuse to trust sensible and responsible adults with a gun. These 'holier than thou' administrators continue to have their power complexes sadly all too well intact as they refuse to bow to rational common sense.

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