What the Experts say about
Self-Defense and Gun-Free Zones

By Rob Morse. March 9th, 2017

When it comes to safety, we can’t know everything ourselves. We also consider the opinions and arguments of experts. These experts collect the wisdom of others, the distilled experience from thousands of lives. That said, we don’t have to be uncritical. We can try to distinguish solid expertise from purchased advocacy. I’ve read what the experts say about self-defense and gun free zones. Here is a short summary of what I’ve learned. You can weigh the issues for yourself.

From the Self-Defense Instructor-
These instructors teach basic firearms safety and self-defense. They see students every day. They see the benefits and dangers of having a gun. They say we should each decide for ourselves whether or not we should own a gun or carry a concealed firearm. They also say that unarmed individuals are killed by armed criminals with monotonous regularity. Of course the choice is ours, but there is a silent argument in the debate whether to go armed or not. At the bottom line, look at what instructors tell their spouses and their children. They want them to have a gun. .......

The biggest single truism is - "violence is a fact of life"... and there is no knowing when and where it might erupt. There are so many notable sayings when it comes to self defense - "better to have and not need than need and not have" -- "when seconds count" -- all making the point that the law abiding citizen is invariably going to be the first responder that just might make the difference. Saving one's own life is an obvious priority but then by extension, many other lives can also be saved.

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