Violence and Utopia- Realism and
Idealism in the age of gun control

By Rob Morse. March 27th, 2017
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Evil is hard to accept. I attended a self-defense training class last week where an expert described how callous and downright evil violent criminals can be. I don’t think I’m a coward, but recognizing evil takes an emotional toll. I’m not alone in feeling that way. Gun “prohibition” laws give us psychological relief from facing evil. Projecting evil intent on an inanimate object protects us from having to recognize violence as part of the human condition. By contrast, recognizing evil strips away our innocence and imposes obligations on us. This psychological dynamic explains a lot about the political dynamics behind gun control. Gun control continues to appeal to a certain type of person despite its record of failure.

We don’t know what a violent person looks like. Violence would be so much easier to tolerate if every violent criminal came with a cartoon thought-bubble floating above them that said, “Watch out for this crazy person.” In fact, criminals defy simple explanation. Some criminals are poor and some are rich. They can be crazy or sane. Some criminals are addicts; others are as sober as the proverbial judge. Some violent criminals grew up deprived and abused, while others grew up pampered and indulged.

Violence will not go away despite our efforts to label or rationalize criminals and violent behavior. .......

This usefully sums up what most rational people know - criminals do not follow the law, however restrictive that might be - and, the "holier-than-thou" anti-rights people feel that just because they do not want to be armed, no one else should be either. In fact, there are plenty of hypocrites out there who decide that they can be armed but still promote disarmament for everyone else.... "don't do as I do - do as I say"! We have said many times - the more laws there are for "gun control" the more the criminals like it - they want unarmed good guys.

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