NY Times Anti-Silencer Article Uses
Argument Debunked by Washington Post

By Nick Leghorn. March 27th, 2017

It was just a couple days ago that I was talking about how the Washington Post's own internal Fact Checker blog debunked the "silencers are ineffective and dangerous" claim made by gun control groups and the Washington Post's own editorial board. Now it seems that the New York Times is jumping on board the "silencers help bad guys" train with their latest anti-silencer editorial using the exact same logic that the Washington Post just finished debunking.

From the Times:

The annual tally of 30,000-plus gun deaths accounts for just a tiny fraction of the total shots fired, most of which miss their targets but terrorize neighborhoods. Amid the lethal cacophony, the police in more than 90 cities here and abroad seek to reach the scene of the latest gun troubles more quickly by using an audio detection system called ShotSpotter, which triangulates the sound of gunfire onto computer maps. Police officers in major cities hail these precise early alarms of where the latest shooting is.

In short, their protestation is that silencers would make it harder for police and others to spot mass shooters and track them down. .......

The suppressor arguments continue, with assumptions being made that the criminals would be advantaged and gun fights be less audible for detection by "ShotSpotter". If criminals wanted to use suppressors they would have done so long ago, seeing as they do not follow the law anyways. It is the law abiding people who can safely use suppressors and safeguard their hearing - it's that simple.

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