"The Founders Couldn't Have Imagined
'Assault' Rifles," She Blogged

By Bob Owens. April 4th, 2017

Consistently, the dumbest argument put forward by gun control supporters is the idea that the Founding Fathers--one of the best-educated and most intelligent groups of men ever assembled in world history--simply couldn't have imagined that modern firearms could be invented, and so that the natural right of citizens to own these rifles couldn't possibly exist.

This is of course an argument from a position of deep ignorance, as multi-shot, magazine-fed weapons were already around for hundreds of years prior to the writing of the Second Amendment.

Further, the same Founding Fathers who privately owned muskets, rifles, mortars, cannons, and war ships capable of reducing a coastal city into rubble also owned multi-shot, magazine-fed weapons like the Girandoni (first fielded in combat in the 1770s in Europe) Thomas Jefferson sent west with Lewis and Clark.

David Kopel does a savage takedown of this absurd argument so often made by gun control supporters via televisions and smart phones, on blogs and via social media apps, which they insist they have the right to do, despite their truly unimaginable technology. .......

As far back as you wish to go technology was always advancing, albeit perhaps at a relatively slow pace. For the Second Amendment's author James Madison to have expected that the firearms of the day were the only examples to be allowable in perpetuity - is naive in the extreme. "Arms" are not period sensitive and develop over time -- and, self defense - is still self defense.

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