The ACLU Wants Your Children To Be
Helpless Targets For School Shooters

By Bob Owens. April 6th, 2017

Harold Jordan of the American Civil Liberties Union's Pennsylvania chapter is attempting to argue that the now-common practice of having armed school resource officers (SROs) on school campuses is a bad idea, but in doing so, he overtly lies (my bold below).

Sadly, while many communities explore how to improve school climates by building trusting relationships between adults and students, Pittsburgh debates the arming of school police.

A recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial and a resolution adopted by the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers' executive board both put forth troubling arguments that are at odds with what we know about school policing.

The most immediate impact of arming school police would be felt by students, as school-based police spend the bulk of their time interacting with students in nonemergency situations. Having officers patrol the hallways with firearms sends a negative message to students. It makes many students feel that they are being treated like suspects. It can have an intimidating presence and can contribute to negative attitudes about police, in general.

There is no evidence that arming school officers increases overall safety or improves relationships within school communities. Having an armed officer stationed in schools has neither prevented nor stopped "active shooter" incidents. It did not at Columbine High School nor has it elsewhere. Thankfully, these tragic situations are still rare in schools.

Now, I must confess that he may not be a liar. It simply may be that Mr. Jordan is poorly educated to a dangerous degree. .......

It is hard to see how armed officers within a school environment is going to send a negative message to students! It would surely seem more logical that students would sense better security in the event of any attack. The continued bleating by some parties over armed personel in a school environment gets old, when these days there remains a real threat of potential attack - however remote some might wish to label it. Armed aggression can only satisfactorily be answered with an armed response.

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