Stereotypes and Realities of Guns
on Campus - What were you thinking?

By Rob Morse. April 12th, 2017
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My initial reaction to the question is the same as yours. Are students responsible enough to defend themselves? Why would we want a gun on campus? On second thought, we call a guy with a gun every time there is a problem, on campus or off. We often forget that fact. That highlights the real issue here. The real problem is with our inaccurate imagination. We have an idealized view of campus life, and a stereotypical view of students.

Let’s add a dose of reality before we answer. We don’t have to ignore our experience as we simplify our ideas. A school campus is a dangerous place today. Some people on campus are precisely the sort of people we want to go armed, for both their safety and for the safety of others. Education is supposed to help us differentiate between things that seem roughly similar, but are different in important ways. Lets educate ourselves on this issue.

Schools have changed over time. Campuses and the cities they serve have moved closer together. Students can leave campus and unwanted visitors can enter the campus with equal ease. The campus today is also a business served by vendors of every kind. Deliveries arrive at all hours of the day and night. So, how does disarming the food delivery driver keep me safer? We never bother to ask. .......

The point to take home is very simple -- the fact that people probably can't name campus carry states means that nothing happened when school campuses were treated just like everywhere else and students and staff were allowed to carry. Nothing happened. There were no rivers of blood on campus from concealed carry. It was a non-event because a college campus isn't special.

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