The New York Times:
Standing Ground Against the Truth

Bruce W. Krafft. April 16, 2017

Once again, as is so often the case, The New York Times is lying getting it wrong. Their April 11 editorial lambasting the South Carolina legislature for working to pass constitutional carry (Standing Ground Against the N.R.A.) is their usual mishmash of logical fallacies, unsupported assertions and outright falsehoods.

They start with a classic guilt by association fallacy:

Two years after nine churchgoers were shot to death in a horrific gun spree in Charleston, S.C., tone-deaf state lawmakers are considering a measure to allow South Carolina residents to carry guns -- openly or concealed -- without the need to obtain a state weapons permit.

Before skipping over to a good old ad hominem attack:

Representative Bill Crosby supports gun rights but felt obliged to warn the House . . . "all it does is it makes these good ol' boys who like to have guns strapped to their hips not conceal them."

The fact that a lunatic racist perpetrated a "gun spree" (i.e. mass shooting) is completely irrelevant to whether or not people should be "allowed" to exercise their natural, fundamental, and inalienable, human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right to carry the self-defense tool of their choice without let or hindrance, and most especially without kowtowing to the unfettered whim of some official. But the Times' editorial board's bowels are turning to water "because guns" and they're hoping that bringing up this mass murder will instill similar fear in others. .......

Yet again, we see the inference of people being 'allowed' to excercize their rights - but this should not even be open to interpretation. The right to self defense is an innate right which does not need a reason to be followed. As ever, the call for (even) more 'gun control' laws continues unabated in some circles, with no thought to the fact that criminals do not obey laws anyways.

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