The NRA's Gun Safety
Rules Need Improvement

Johannes Paulsen. April 18th, 2017

When it comes to firearms training, safety rules are like the tuna nigiris at a sushi bar: something so fundamental in which perfection should be the goal, and evidence of shortcomings there indicate you're in for a bad time elsewhere. The Michigan CPL class I took last year was the first official NRA course on firearms I've attended.

I've had plenty of formal firearms training otherwise by many NRA-certified instructors, just none of it done through the auspices of the NRA. I've also spent a considerable amount of my time in education, having done graduate coursework in educational psychology, taught at the college level, and spent a significant chunk of my career in corporate training. I must confess: I am not impressed with the NRA's safety rules, as presented in their materials.

It's not because the NRA's rules are wrong in any rational or factual sense, it's because they feel like something written by a committee and subsequently edited by their staff attorneys for liability purposes, and not something to be really helpful for students when the rubber hits the road.....

....The rules are too subjective, and do not provide helpful answers for behavioral questions gunhandlers may face in the heat of the moment. .......

Firearms safety can never be overstated or overplayed - far too many ''accidents'' are in fact negligence due to inadequate adherence to basic safety considerations. This article looks at the NRA safety rules and how they could be improved, as well as reminding us of the late Col. Jeff Cooper's more effective four rules. It can well be argued that the strict following of rule #2 - "never point a gun at anything you do not wish to destroy" - could potentially negate all so called "accidents". Do read this entire piece.

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