Disarming the Victim - The Latest Shots
in the Democrat's War on Women

By Rob Morse. April 18th, 2017
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So let me get this straight. A man murdered his estranged wife and an innocent student in a California school. We are so desperate to ignore our own responsibility for self-defense that we blame anything and anyone but the murderer. We blame the victims, and we disarm people who’ve been attacked and received restraining orders against their attacker. Politicians across the country blamed the victim and the gun. Let’s stop pretending that laws stop murderers. Self-defense stops murderers.

Gun control failed again. In the recent California case, the murderer was convicted of domestic abuse. He had a history of drug use, yet he got a gun illegally. Yes, you read that right. A criminal got a gun he wasn’t legally allowed to carry in the gun-control-heaven of southern California. California’s system of universal background checks failed again.

If you were shocked that drug and gun prohibition failed, then hang on because that was just the beginning. The murderer then illegally concealed the handgun in public. He illegally transported the firearm in his car. The armed murderer illegally crossed into a 1000 foot “gun free” school zone. He illegally brought the gun onto school property. He illegally brought ammunition onto school property also. The murderer then illegally discharged the handgun on school property, several times. He illegally murdered his estranged wife. He illegally killed one young student and injured another child who was hiding behind his wife. He then killed himself.

If you watched the extensive news coverage of this attack then you would conclude that what we really need is another gun-control law to make what he did illegal. Yes, the reports said we need another gun-control law.. because the 30 thousand firearms regulations we have already passed failed to stop a suicidal murderer. Let that sink in for a minute. Yes, the politicians and the media are that shallow, but their story sells. .......

One fact that should hardly be up for debate is that evil exists and always will. Despite that fact, all too often people who need and deserve a means of self defense, sometimes quickly, find themselves prevented from so doing by ridiculous restrictions such as waiting periods. Anti-gun pundits and legislators seem to think that more laws solve everything and even give the impression of siding with a perpetrator more than a victim - this has led to many preventable tragedies.

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