Amanda Marcotte: Anti-Gun Docs On Parade

By Bruce W. Krafft. May 2nd, 2017

Who could possibly imagine a bunch of tightly specialized professionals being taken seriously when "speaking out" on a subject about which they have little or no knowledge? Yet that's exactly what Salon writer Amanda Marcotte does in her piece titled "An apolitical profession wakes up: Trauma surgeons speak out about gun violence."

First off, the AMA is anything but "apolitical," especially least when it comes to Second Amendment rights. According to this June 2016 piece from NPR:

The AMA, the largest physicians group in the U.S., says it has supported gun control since the 1980s, and as recently as 2013, the association called the uncontrolled ownership and use of firearms "a serious threat to public health."

But if we live somewhere in the dark recesses of Ms. Marcotte's fantasy world, we find that:

... rarely does the public hear from the very people who deal directly with the fallout from gun violence on a daily basis: trauma surgeons.

I guess she was living under a rock during the early 1990s when Dr. Arthur Kellermann published his (now thoroughly discredited) study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Maybe she wasn't paying attention in the late 1990s and early twenty-naughts when Drs. Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig were spouting their gun control nonsense.

And perhaps Amanda was off somewhere on a vision quest when Dr. Garen Wintemute was violating privacy laws secretly taping transactions at gun shows, then editing the tapes to make it appear that dealers were ignoring the law. .......

Broadly speaking, the medical profession is one of the least informed about firearms, and even the Second Amendment. It can well be stated that trauma surgeons do indeed see plenty of the results of shooting injuries but, it is most unlikely they think beyond that - simply assuming that any gun is bad and not knowing the specific source of an injury, when the vast majority of shootings come from criminal and gang activities. As for suicides - anyone determined enough will find a method and often with no need for a gun.

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