The paranoia of water guns

By Jeremy Benson. May 19th, 2017

Two interesting articles on discuss a mother's thoughts on water 'guns' and children. In one, the bottom line seems to be that there must be no water 'guns'.

Mother says:

These "toys" are also sending mixed messages and diluting the most important ones: guns are no joke. Guns aren't innocent, even if they are "harmless" and in plastic form. These are weapons that can end lives, and as much as we want to teach our kids about gun control and safety, we contradict ourselves the second we allow them to run around with toy versions to shoot their friends.

She also adds:

Popular water guns also make light of a very serious situation. There are some children who will never smile again -- all because someone picked up a gun. At the same time, we have little ones playing and laughing over the very thing that is killing other kids. It just isn't right.

Apparently, it is acceptable to purchase "water squirters'' because they do not look like 'guns' - just devices that project jets of water. In fact many of these squirt water far further and harder but, just look less threatening. Perhaps the garden hose should also be on the 'forbidden' list. In the end it's all down to cosmetics it seems, although at the earliest age possible children should be taught about guns, real and otherwise, from all safety standpoints.

The other page article of note by another mom, goes further into an explanation as to why she took her toddler's 'guns' away.

Being facetious - note that if this became a legislative trend it could create tremendous opportunities for the firearms industry -- to sell water-to-squirter 'gun' conversion units sold as home fire prevention tools. "When you need to save your home from fire, stock these quick firing, super accurate, custom made squirter guns... and best of all, no license or permit is required."

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