PA - New bill would make gun owners
protected class under state human rights act

By Tabitha Fleming. June. 2nd, 2017

Pennsylvania is considering making gun owners a protected class of citizens with proposed changes to the Pennsylvania Human Rights Act (PHRA).

The new bill, which was introduced by two dozen Republican representatives and one Democrat, would prevent employers from discriminating against employees who own or carry firearms. House Bill 38 is currently in committee, but if it makes its way through the legislature, it could have a major impact on the workplace.

Although there aren't many known cases in which an employer has discriminated against an employee for exercising Second Amendment rights, there has been some debate concerning employees keeping guns in their vehicles on employer property. Current law allows employers, or any private property owners, to forbid guns on their property, even if those guns are lawfully owned and contained in private vehicles. The issue has caused a rift, and House Bill 38 may be a way to work around the issue, explained Shira Goodman, executive director of CeaseFirePA, a group aimed at working with law enforcement and community organizations to prevent gun violence in the state. .......

Shira Goodman, executive director of CeaseFirePA, misses one vital point - which is that access to firearms just might be vital in the event of an armed attack. Instead, she considers the risk of firearms access on employer property to potentially favor a risk of workplace violence, forgetting that a determined attacker will find a way to circumvent such a limitation anyways. The continuing wish to try and maintain "gun-free-zones" seems to be alive and well for many espousing more "gun control".

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