An opinion on Australia's three
reasons for 'gun control' failure

By Daniel Edmonds. 2nd June, 2017

JOHN HOWARD didn't ban the gun used by the scumbag who killed hero police officer, Senior Constable Brett Forte of the Queensland Police Service. His killer, known criminal Rick Maddison, was ultimately also fatally shot after a gunfight with police the following day [1]

As is often the case when evil acts are committed with firearms, the discussion often turns to gun control. The fact is fully automatic machine guns had already been banned long before the laws John Howard introduced following the Port Arthur massacre. The most important question we all want answered is how to stop criminal use of illegal firearms. We don't need token gestures. We need real solutions.

Horrific incidents like this remind us of the reality of the sometimes-lethal threats that police face when protecting our families. My deepest condolences go out to the family and colleagues of Senior Constable Forte, and I cannot thank enough the hard-working members of the police force for risking their lives to protect my family.

In addition to being a dedicated husband and father, business owner, active within my church community and in politics, I am a law abiding licensed gun owner. I have decades of safe firearms training and skills.

So why is Australia's famous gun control obviously failing? .......

Opinion has varied over time regarding the Australian 'gun control' measures, but one thing seems pretty clear which is that failed attempts to limit criminal use of firearms only succeed in punishing the law abiding. Furthermore, along with this approach seems to almost always be a denial of people's right to self defense - as if it doesn't matter and "the police will take care of everything".

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