Run, Hide, Perish - Survival Do's
and Don'ts from Across the Pond

By July 17th, 2017

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The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advises persons at risk of harm from an active shooter to "Run, Hide, Fight" (in that order), recommending "fight" - incapacitating or "attempt[ing] to take the active shooter down" - if all else fails.

In the United Kingdom, police and counter-terrorism authorities like the National Police Chiefs' Council and the London Metropolitan Police promote a different version for surviving a firearms or weapons attack at home (and recently, abroad). The last step in their "Run, Hide, Tell" directs victims to turn off their cell phones and only call the police once it's safe to do so.

This is peculiar advice even in a jurisdiction that gives its subjects almost no legal options for arming and defending themselves (here, here, here and here). What if running or hiding isn't safe or even available alternatives? How will a person in hiding know when it's safe to call the police? What if law enforcement doesn't arrive quickly or find the victims in time? .......

It has to be wondered just how much UK law enforcement understands the mechanism of attack -- something which for the most part occurs rapidly, violently and usually over a brief time span. "Run" is always a good option if available - "hide" is often not feasible and - as for "tell", well that is almost a joke. By the time anyone would have a chance to call the cops, if still alive, an attack could be all over and the perpetrator long gone. It seems for Brits that the term ''self defense'' is to be treated with contempt. Fortunately in the U.S. it is still understood and must be maintained.

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