The Top Ten Things Gun
Owners Want YOU to Know

By Jenn Jacques (Bearing Arms). July 19th, 2017

Last Monday, we asked our readers, "What's the one thing you want non-gun owners to know?"

In 2012, back when CNN had credibility and an audience, they published an article titled 5 Things Gun Owners Want You to Know following the shooting at an Aurora, CO movie theater screening of the then-new Batman film.

Claiming to have received over 400 iReports from gun owners, they reported "an American pastime, a way to feed and protect families, and a way of life" were just a few of the responses gun owners used to describe "their relationship with firearms and the powerful emotions that stir up when they talk about them".

But we want to hear from you.

As the conversation around gun control continues to create a national impasse, what do you have to say? What's the one thing you'd like non-gun owners to know?

As expected, since our readers and fans are awesome and outspoken, the response was tremendous!

We went through the more than 1,000 responses across our social platforms to find the most popular, most liked comments to compile the top ten things to impress upon U.S. citizens who do not own guns and may not know about gun owners.

Without further ado, HERE are the Top Ten Things Gun Owners Want Non-Gun Owners to Know! .......

Possibly a fairly predictable set of results but nonetheless, interesting to see what a reasonable size sample has given. The chances are most gun owners reading these results will, for the most part, broadly agree with them. What non gun owners might think one can only imagined. It continues to be a sad fact that many anti-gun groups still love to paint law abiding gun owners as everything from dangerous to racists!

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