Why Smart Guns Are Incredibly Dumb:
Hacker Cracks Smart Gun With $15 Magnets

By Mac Slavo. July 25th, 2017

Smart guns probably provide the last chance for gun control advocates to have their way. After trying and failing for decades to completely eviscerate gun rights in America, their last best hope is to simply let defiant gun owners have their weapons, but with conditions. They'll try to compromise with gun owners, and tell them that they can have any firearm they want, so long as it is a smart gun, which is supposedly safer since it can't be used by unauthorized individuals like children and criminals.

But as we all know, everything gun control advocates propose is a slippery slope. How long before these smart guns, like all smart gadgets, begin to spy on their owners? How long before smart guns can be disabled by authorities from a distance, which would effectively defang their role in society as determined by the Second Amendment?

There is of course, another reason why gun owners should never embrace smart gun technologies. Despite claims that suggest these guns will be safer (but still reliable in an emergency), it turns out that like all electronic devices, they are easily hackable. An anonymous hacker recently got a hold of the German made Armatix IP1 smart gun, and took it to a gun range in Colorado. There he revealed just how easy it is to bypass the security mechanisms in the gun. .......

This is a subject we have discussed numerous times (just search "smart guns" on JPFO) - and here we find, perhaps not surprisingly, that the Armatix "smart" gun can be hacked - not only to make it work but also, what can actually block its function. There is a very interesting video by the hacker which is well worth watching. The bottom line is as we have said before, that no "smart" gun can ever be regarded as 100% reliable, and let's face it, as a defensive weapon a firearm MUST be immediately and reliably available.

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